I know, I know. It’s the first beer post of an American and I’m going to praise the delight of a German beer. Before you pass judgement, let me get some back story in. We were just in Germany for Keil Week and we found that Germans are a hell of a lot like us over here. First, we like meats and they like meats. They do one-up us with Meat On a Stick though.

Coach and teammate, Colin Page, with the famous 'Meat On a Stick' with tasty garlic sauce.
Coach and teammate, Colin Page, with the famous ‘Meat On a Stick’ with tasty garlic sauce.

Second, they actually do have a sense of humor not so different from ours. During our time in Keil I had plenty of conversations with German friends and they got my jokes and theirs were actually pretty good. Maybe not as good as mine, but pretty good. There was a small feeling out period where I didn’t know if they were joking or not, but then we got in rhythm. Last, we all love beer! I had to post this pic of Duvel one more time because the feature pic just doesn’t do it justice.


Duvel is a Belgian Pale Ale brewed in Germany and brewed damn well I might add. That unassuming stubby bottle contains a bountiful light tasting brew. Be sure to follow the pour directions as this is the thickest headiest beer out there. You’ll need to stop and let the head settle before finishing off the last quarter of the bottle. It makes sense actually. Bartenders in Germany pour the tap bear until it heads up, then they let it settle, do something else and come back to finish it. In other Euro countries they slide the head off and serve it, not in GER.

Duvel’s slightly bitter on the front end, then mellows out with that Belgian banana taste, of course with a slightly fruity and spicy aftertaste.

When I close my eyes and think of what a beer should look like in a glass this is it, and taste is right there at the top for me. Just absolutely delightful. Seriously, we all need to sit down, eat some meat on a stick, calmly and deliberately pour a Duvel and put our past differences aside. This beer can solve so many problems…..

Because it’s oh so close to being perfect

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