The Sailing Life and Adventures of John Casey


CataCup Featurette

Around this time of year my heart starts to be pulled to the southeast toward a little perfect part of the world, the French West Indies, namely St. Barthelemy. When it comes to beautiful surroundings, perfect sailing conditions and, of course, stiff competition, the St. Barth CataCup is second to none.

Follow the CataCup Vimeo link for a short featurette about last year’s edition.

Thanks so much to Sotheby’s International Realty St. Barth Properties for helping me live my dream. If you are going to the CataCup and want somewhere special to stay, contact St. Barth Properties. They have over 160 of the best villas on the island!

Olympics, yes, Olympics!

I’ve been pretty under the radar lately. It’s for a reason though. I started working at Ullman Sails Florida and I’ve been working hard on starting an Olympic campaign for Rio in 2016 on the new Nacra 17 catamaran with Sarah Newberry. When I was in Europe I was writing every day and telling all of you, my friends, about what was happening with my while I was away. Well, it’s starting up again since I’m absolutely excited about our new adventure into Olympic sailing. Most of you enjoyed the culture and food side of this site, and that’s gonna stay for sure, along with sailing from my perspective. We’ll be updating our new site for the Olympic on our new site. If you’ve enjoyed what I’ve done in the past it’ll be a damn bit better. Of course, since this Olympic stuff costs quite a bit of money, if you would support us along the way it will help out more than you can imagine. You can even buy a shirt here

The new site is: USA MULTIHULL 2016! 

Find us on Facebook and even Twitter where we’ll update all along. Thanks for checking out my site for the last few years. I promise we’re going to make something special happen and keep following me along the way.



Since I’m going to be a little busy tomorrow and I’m waiting out the Tropical Storm Debby deluge, here’s a pre-Wednesday edition. 

Team Yost Auto has some powerful SI sails, maybe too powerful! They show a textbook pitchpole because they eased traveler instead of mainsheet. Keep the pressure off the bows boys! Yost was one of the sponsors of the Great Texas 300, and this vid shows a great view of the storm we narrowly escaped from on the last day. Apparently, there was more than one mine drilling capsize in this squall. Just replay the first 10 seconds over and over and it’s all good. 

YouTube Preview Image